Solarized Style Sheet For Coda 2

Posted by JohnSardine
on 24 de Maio de 2012
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Hey guys,

Like many of you, I bought Coda 2 today and i immediately noticed the lack of a color scheme that suited my needs, in Coda 1 i was using the awesome Solarized by Ethan Schoonover, and I quickly ported the dark version to the new Coda system, which uses .sss files.

This was made very quickly and it is likely that some things are missing, but i believe its a fairly good port, feel free to improve it and if you do, leave a link in the comments.


Edit: Justin Hileman made a couple of color sheets/styles for Coda and they are now compatible with Coda 2, you should check them out:

Pretty Little Calendar CSS3

Posted by JohnSardine
on 18 de Abril de 2011

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I coded a calendar style based on Pretty Little Calendar by the fantastic Orman Clark.

The style is based in the WordPress calendar widget markup, so you can just copy the css below and paste it in your theme style and you’re done.

Its not an exact copy because, as I said, the markup is based in WordPress calendar widget, which makes it easy to use.

The markup is also included in the post in case you want to include it somewhere outside WordPress



Novo design, agora com menos gorduras saturadas.

Posted by JohnSardine
on 20 de Janeiro de 2011
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Bem, passado 3 meses de ter feito o meu primeiro tema para o wordpress, meti mãos à obra e criei outro, desta vez mais organizado e com mais funcionalidades.


Tem duas zonas de menus, uma que mostra automaticamente as categorias e sub-categorias (na imagem) e um menu que mostra automaticamente as páginas que existem (menu no topo). São ambos completamente personalizáveis através do novo sistema de menus do WordPress 3.0+.

Cabeçalho (Menu com categorias e sub-categorias)


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